Jordan Tayte Benzon
Born the 9th of September 2007, Jordan Tayte benzon is leaving with his parents in Tinton Falls, NJ. Upon birth he weighed 7lbs., 6oz., and was 18.5 inches long.


  1. mjbenzon says:


  2. Umang says:

    I have kept posted with this story but every time I see that sweet face of Patrick, I can’t see tuohrgh the tears. It truly is a miracle he even breathed another breath, but God and all of you who have taken him in your hearts, have at least shown him the first feeling of love he has ever known.. (The in-human who did this to him HAS been identified.) Keisha RED Curtis of Newark, New Jersey. I only pray that karma gives her all the heartache it can muster and her life is a living hell. NO more excuses for the abuse of the animals. Enough is enough. We love you Patrick and may God keep you in his hands !

  3. Lindelani says:

    As far as I know Jeanne they have some very strong leads. It is so sad to think what Patrick must have gone thugorh, and now must endure as he struggles to heal. I am so happy that he is surrounded by so many special people, and can experience the love that he so deserves.

  4. Jolanta says:

    Please tell me that the mutant that did this is being hntued down and prosecuted to the full extent of the law, which cannot be NEARLY enough for the pain and suffering this poor dog has had to endure. This is when we should really apply an eye for an eye !

  5. Ety says:

    … This is too much Sriram. Dondu will be just embarrassed.Murali Manohar//ட ண ட ஐய , உங கள பத வ கள ல ப ர ம பக த பட த த வ ட ட த ன இத ச ல ல ய ள ள ன .அத உங கள க க ம க ய ய த ர யல ம .ச ல ல வ ண ட யவற ற , ச ல ல வ ண ட ய ந ரத த ல , ச ல ல வ ண ட ய இடத த ல ,ச ல ல வ ண ட யவர கள டம ,ச ல லத தவற வத ல பல வ சயங கள வ ள ய லக க க த ர ய மல ப ய வ ட க றத .தங கள பற ற எழ த யவ , தங கள தர ம சங கடத த ல ஆழ த த யத ய ,மனம த றந த , ச ல வத தங கள ன பண ப கலந த அடக கத த க ட ட க றத .இத ப ர த த ப ன னர வத ப ர யவர ப பற ற ய வ மர சனங கள ந கர கம கலந தத ய வரட ட ம .எழ தப பட ம வ சகங கள என ற ம அர ம க க கட ட ம !ப ர யவர ன அன பவத த ல ர ந த இள யவர கள கற ற க க ள ளவ ண ட யத ஏர ளம ,ஏர ளம .

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